Coolcentric has expanded its family of data center cooling solutions with the Coolcentric Sidecar Heat Exchanger. The Coolcentric Sidecar Heat Exchanger is a passive in-row cooler that provides extended cooling capacity for increased rack densities of up to 40 kW. The bolt-on Sidecar Assembly has a specially designed, easy-access rear door, a side chassis measuring 11.3-in. wide by 52-in. deep (290 by 1,330 mm), and a much larger coil than a standard rear-door heat exchanger (RDHx).mc0912-products-coolcentric-300.jpg

The larger coil provides increased cooling capacity for higher density loads. In addition, because of the larger coil, warmer water could be used to economically cool 20+ kW heat loads, reducing the load on the chiller and providing further energy cost savings while maintaining the same cooling capacity of a standard Coolcentric RDHx. In many cases, this could also allow the use of free water cooling (evaporator water), a source of cooling with significantly reduced energy cost. The Sidecar uses the same proven passive technology as Coolcentric’s standard RDHx doors and uses chilled (or free) water for the heat exchange.

The Sidecar takes advantage of airflow from fans built into the rack-mount devices to move hot exhaust air through the coil, transferring heat to the water and flowing cool neutralized air back into the data center. The Sidecar therefore does not need its own power-consuming fans that create heat and add to the noise level in the data center.