The Rittal system of TS8 modular enclosures is available in Type 304 stainless steel. The new models are designed for easy access and easy configuration. They offer as much as 15 percent more space than other designs thanks to three-dimensional frame structure. Component installation is simplified by a series of accessory platforms that clip into the frame without drilling, tapping, or welding.mc0912-products-rittal-300.jpg

Mounting panels easily slide in, so there’s no need to reposition the enclosure to install hardware—everything goes in and out while the enclosure is in a normal upright position. Design and construction features include five single-door freestanding and five double-door floor-mount sizes; floor-mount versions are equipped with 12-in. bolt-on legs; zinc-plated mounting panel, C-fold sides, depth adjustments in 1-in. intervals; solid frame sections punched with a 1-in. hole pattern for universal interior installation of accessories; and #4 brushed surfaces.