The Smart Space cabinet from Cannon Technologies is a next-generation containment solution that incorporates sliding partition panels to increase cooling efficiency, enhance inter-rack security, and make cross cabling between bayed racks more effective. The Smart Space cabinet offers two types of sliding partition panels for racks bayed in rows—narrow partition and full depth panels.mc0912-products-cannontech-300.jpg

Used in pairs, the narrow partition panels can slide backwards and forwards to open cross cabling apertures between adjacent racks, or completely close off inter-rack access providing a highly secure solution. Either way, cooling efficiency is maximized without compromising access, and they can be removed or added to bayed racks during the entire lifecycle of the installation. The full-depth panels also maintain cool air provision and can be deployed between adjacent racks and utilized as end of row side panels.

The Smart Space cabinet has been designed to meet the exacting requirements of high-density single use and co-location data centers and can be supplied in a number of different configurations—25U, 33U, 42U, 45U, 47U, and 52U heights; 600 and 800 mm widths; and depths of 900, 1,000, and 1,200 mm.