DataCenter.BZ has announced that Hurricane Electric has established a Point-of-Presence (PoP) at DataCenter.BZ’s facility located at 555 Scherers Court, Columbus, OH. The new PoP will enable Hurricane Electric, which operates the world’s largest IPv6-native backbone, to expand its global network and efficiently access a broad set of customers throughout Ohio and the Midwestern U.S.

Hurricane Electric’s new PoP will allow DataCenter.BZ’s carriers to exchange IP traffic and peer directly with Hurricane Electric’s global Internet backbone. The new PoP will expand access to next-generation Internet and IPv6 systems and services through 10GE (10 gigabit Ethernet), GigE (1 gigabit Ethernet) and100BaseT network connections. The new PoP will also enable improved fault tolerance, load balancing, and congestion management infrastructure capabilities.

“We are pleased that Hurricane Electric has chosen to leverage DataCenter.BZ in the expansion of its global IPv6 backbone in Ohio and we are excited about the benefits our customers will enjoy,” said Gordon Scherer, president of DataCenter.BZ. “We look forward to offering our customers access to Hurricane Electric’s vast global network.”

“This new PoP in Ohio offers compelling IP solutions to the 15th largest and one of the fastest-growing markets in the U.S.,” said Mike Leber, president, Hurricane Electric. “This decision represents both a strategic network expansion for Hurricane Electric and also significant opportunity not only for Columbus but also for markets throughout Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Kentucky and Indiana, where customers previously had to route through Chicago or New York to access such services. Additionally, this expansion will provide area customers with greater bandwidth, reduced router hops and latency, and improved quality of service.”

“Now that Hurricane Electric is operating a PoP in our facility, both our clients and other local and regional businesses have the opportunity to connect directly to another top-ranked global Internet backbone,” added Paul Keinath, vice president of DataCenter.BZ. “As with all carriers maintaining PoPs at DataCenter.BZ, customers within our facility can access Hurricane Electric’s network with a simple cross connect, and any businesses that neither colocate nor leverage our virtual infrastructure solutions but wish to connect can still do so using any of the dozens of transport providers that are available at our facility.”