TrendPoint Systems has released EnerSure Bus, a major expansion of its EnerSure Branch Circuit Power Meter product line. Michigan's state-of-the-art data center, Liberty Center One, has selected the new TrendPoint product for its PUE-based green initiative based on the accuracy, cost, and integration capabilities of the new system.

The EnerSure Bus Power Meter gathers precise data from IT and cooling loads—amps, volts, power factor, watts, kWh energy—and is the only product that meets ANSI C12.1 standards to provide utility-grade RMS data at the circuit level. The EnerSure Bus can be retrofitted onto any busway power distribution system and is the only busway meter that can be installed hot.

Each EnerSure Bus unit can support up to 84 circuits and the product's flexible configuration monitors circuits up to 4000 amps, on both 120/208V and 277/480V systems. Proprietary split core CT's are .5 percent accurate from 1-100 percent of the rating, giving customers more visibility into their varying circuit loads. Additionally, 1, 2 or 3 pole circuits can be monitored on the same board and all TrendPoint products support onboard Ethernet communications via SNMP and Modbus, enabling simple communication to most DCIM platforms.

Liberty Center One, a commercial data center with colocation, managed colocation and managed services customers, chose TrendPoint's new EnerSure Bus after searching for a monitoring product for use in its high availability environment. The company needed a solution that would fit with its mandate to meet the same type of specifications that Fortune 100 corporations use to manage critical business applications requiring 100 percent availability and uptime.

According to Patrick Turner, Liberty Center One's CTO, the selection of TrendPoint was "nearly a no-brainer." "First and foremost, we needed a solution with utility grade accuracy. Next, the EnerSure Bus cost of deployment was easily half that of other similar solutions. Add to that the ease of integrating results into our in-house monitoring systems, and the choice was easy."

"TrendPoint's offerings for both circuit breaker panel-based and busway-based solutions are the most competitively priced, feature rich, accurate, easily integrated solutions—bar none—that we have seen in the market to date. They provide the right solution for the right price and help us be competitive in the per-rack colo commercial data center space."

LibertyCenterincorporated the EnerSure Busway Power Meter into the design of a new 4,000 square foot expansion space as well as retro-fitting the monitoring system for existing customer racks.

TrendPoint part of larger PUE-based green initiative

Introducing TrendPoint monitoring is part of a larger Liberty Center initiative to improve and expand their monitoring capability and arm their customers with the proper tools for better, more informed decisions. The EnerSure Bus provides pro-active information and warnings to Liberty Center customers if their power usage spikes to levels that may trigger circuit overloads, as well as the ability to trend power usage data over time.

TrendPoint's products will assist with trouble shooting and help Liberty Center One's support teams and customers more quickly isolate issues. In any outage, speed of recovery is critical and the TrendPoint system is a tool that will greatly reduce diagnostic time.