Cummins Power Generation Inc., a division of Cummins Inc., has announced the company launched a new website dedicated to those seeking additional information in preparation for the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Tier 4 interim (Tier 4i) guidelines.

The new website,, is filled with numerous educational tools, including a variety of white papers addressing issues such as: what Tier 4 means to operators of large, stationary gensets, diesel-powered generating systems, and emergency standby power systems. It also contains blogs from experts in the field of power generation, informational brochures, and an animated video titled “Tier 4 Aftertreatment How It Works” and a four-page Q&A.

“Many organizations that rely on large stationary generators for backup and prime power uses still have questions about the EPA’s Tier 4 regulations,” said Ananth Parameswaran, director, power systems and global marketing. “The goal of is to become the single source of information that companies need in preparation to meet the EPA’s emissions standards.”

In addition, the EPA mandates that all non-emergency applications are Tier 4i certified. But, in certain locations, the local ordinances may require that emergency backup generators also adhere to stricter emissions limits. Additional information about these more stringent emissions regulations can also be found at