Cologix has announced the completion of 3,000-sq-ft new colocation space within 151 Front Street in downtown Toronto. The investment, which brings Cologix's footprint to 30,000 sq ft in 151 Front Street, and over 50,000 sq ft in Toronto once the 905 King Street build is complete, is in response to the increasing customer demand for scalability and network density within the downtown carrier hotel and underlines Cologix's commitment to the Toronto market.   

The new capacity is comprised of two suites, which have pre-sold strongly. The remaining capacity is ideal for customers looking for either a dedicated suite or a shared colocation environment in downtown Toronto. The 151 Front Street building, Canada’s largest and most important interconnection point, is nearing capacity which means that the new Cologix suites will likely represent one of the last opportunities to secure a significant footprint within 151 Front Street for the foreseeable future.

The new suites are built to Cologix's high standard, including:

• Connectivity to 140+ networks and service providers in both Cologix facility and BMMR.

• Hot aisle containment with N+1 in-row cooling technology capable of delivering uniform cooling across switches and servers

• Multiple UPS configurations available from N to 2N+1

• Real-time monitoring of environmental, electrical and security systems

• Modular power distribution, enabling customized power delivery to the rack within 24 hours

"As wholesale space and retail colocation options are narrowing at 151 Front Street, we are excited about the opportunity to offer these unique suites to the Toronto market,” said Sean Maskell, president, Cologix Canada. “While we work to complete our new downtown facility at 905 King Street, we recognize that 151 Front Street remains a crucial location for networks that need to be a part of that interconnection community."