FiberMedia Group, LLC has announced the launch of its latest bundled services offering, Market Storm. The promotional offer features unique, market-specific colocation and Cloud computing bundles that are tailored to the needs of small and medium-sized businesses seeking both the resiliency and security of physical infrastructure and the flexibility and cost-effectiveness of the Cloud.

Market Storm is offered on the heels of Project Velocity, an incentive program developed exclusively for the agent and reseller communities, who can now also leverage the bundles offered in Market Storm to accelerate their deal opportunities.

Market Storm service bundles are an effective option for enterprise customers looking for an easy on-ramp into the Cloud as well as an efficient way to improve redundancy, reliability and security across its compute infrastructure.

FiberMedia differentiates itself from its competitors by streamlining the colocation and Cloud services procurement process. With simple bundled pricing and strong, in-person customer support, FiberMedia provides the professional guidance that delivers right-sized solutions to customers with confidence and speed.

"From a growth standpoint, FiberMedia has had a great year. A large portion of our success can be attributed to the recent launch of market-changing programs like Market Storm and Project Velocity," comments John Panzica, senior vice president of sales and marketing of FiberMedia. "Market Storm is a continuation of our commitment to provide businesses with easy access to cost-effective and proven solutions supported by high quality customer support."