ATEN has launched its expanded line of NRGence power distribution units at Data Center World. Building on its Internet data center expertise, new solutions include the NRGence eco PDU, the NRGence Energy Box and Energy PDU, and eco Sensors energy management software. Combining the widest range of rack PDU configurations and customized management services, the ATEN NRGence line is designed to meet the energy challenges of today’s demanding IDCs.

ATEN’s new generation of green energy power distribution units (PDUs) provides secure, centralized and intelligent power management of IT resources, as well as the ability to monitor IDC’s health environment via sensors. Utilizing POP (Proactive Overload Protection), NRGence eco PDU (PE9 Series) can automatically power off the last outlet that caused current overloadsand ensure other outlets continue normal operation. This industry-leading technology can effectively prevent current overload problems from impacting system operations.

The ATEN Energy Box and Energy PDU solution provides instant real-time power management and energy-saving efficiency for IDCs, enabling organizations to easily upgrade current IT resources quickly and cost-effectively. The Energy Box can monitor the current from four Energy PDUs and from four temperature, humidity or differential pressure sensors. It is a standalone over IP monitor box that can be controlled by Web UI or eco Sensors software.

The NRGence line also boasts eco Sensorsmanagement software, which remotely and continuously monitors environmental and power status, and optimizes data center energy consumption by utilizing impressive power analysis reports.Key features offered by eco Sensors software include remote real-time power measurement and monitoring, remote real-time power outlet management, remote real-time environment sensor monitoring, and a graphical interface displaying cabinet status.

“The NRGence line effectively addresses the growing energy challenges of today’s Internet data centers,” said Kevin Chen, president of ATEN International.“Building on our PDU expertise, ATEN provides the widest range of rack PDU configurations differentiated by outlet type, inlet plug type, power capacity, outlet number, single phase or three phase power supply. Additionally, ATEN offers tailor-made software for developing customized electricity billing systems to flexibly meet energy management demands.”

Available today are the NRGence eco PDU, which is comprised of the PE5 through PE9 models, and the NRGence Energy Box and Energy PDU, which consists of the PE1 and EC1000 units. There are a total of 42 models that can support from 8 to 24 outlets.