SynapSense Corporation, a leading provider of energy efficiency-focused data center infrastructure management (DCIM) solutions, today introduced advancements to its Data Center Optimization Platform being embraced by data centers worldwide.

SynapSense is now delivering unprecedented energy savings and operational reliability with the introduction of ThermaNode DX. This innovative product monitors the evaporating and cooling coils in computer room air conditioning (CRAC) units as a further enhancement to SynapSense Active Control.  Customers are now realizing energy savings that substantially outperform traditional start/stop CRAC control methodologies. ThermaNode DX also offers invaluable insight into preventative maintenance opportunities for exceptional resiliency.

“While pressure mounts to reduce operating costs, managing a critical facility has always been and always will be about operational resiliency,” said Steve Doublett Principal Technologist, Datacenters at GE. “The SynapSense Data Center Optimization Platform provides the visibility and trending necessary to do both. At GE, we used the SynapSense solution to improve the distribution of cooling throughout the data center, reduce cooling costs, and all the while, ensure that server inlet temperatures continuously comply with ASHRAE and internal thresholds established by IT.”

Additional enhancements to the SynapSense Data Center Optimization Platform include the expanded capabilities of SynapSense Power Suite products, P3 SmartPlug™ and SmartLink, which enable customers to optimize loads, recover stranded power and identify available power in real-time. Combined with environmental monitoring, these products offer unique visibility to both power and cooling conditions for optimal server placement.

“SynapSense’s mission is to develop industry-leading data center optimization and efficiency technology on a consistent cadence, and we are changing the game in data center operations in the process,” said Peter Van Deventer, CEO of SynapSense. “Our Data Center Optimization Platform is the world’s premier data center tool that delivers exceptional value and return on investment for our customers. It is the DCIM solution that pays for itself.”

Additionally, the SynapSense platform now features the company’s new Energy Usage and Carbon Footprint calculator that dynamically calculates energy usage and costs, as well as carbon footprint. As data center operators recognize the increasing importance of corporate sustainability, the new calculator tracks energy efficiency improvements and the associated impact to the environment. Concurrently, the SynapSense Power Suite helps to effectively manage resources to meet big data’s insatiable need for more compute power while avoiding the capital cost of building a new data center.