Rackwise, Inc. has announced that Iowa Health System (IHS) has selected its DCiM X to manage its information technology (IT) infrastructure supporting health care delivery throughout the region. The contract was executed through DataSpan, a Rackwise, Inc. reseller based in Dallas.

One of our nation’s most integrated health systems, IHS provides care across Iowa and Illinois through its network of 27 hospitals in metropolitan and rural communities and more than 200 physician clinics. With more than 24,000 employees, IHS is committed to innovative advancements across the spectrum of health care delivery, enabling them to deliver the best outcome for every patient every time. Through more than 3 million patient visits yearly, IHS hospitals and clinics provide a full range of care to patients and families in the region. With annual revenues of $2.8 billion, IHS is the fifth largest nondenominational health system in the United States.

IHS employs a complex IT infrastructure to effectively support its integrated network of healthcare providers, including uninterrupted access to facilities, equipment, medical data and patient records. Additionally, regulatory constraints and privacy considerations further underscore IHS’s dynamic IT environment, driving the need for continual enhancements in tracking, managing, controlling, and planning both IT infrastructure assets and data. IHS selected Rackwise DCiM X to enable the highest levels of visibility, access and security over its IT infrastructure, including data center assets and critical information. The advanced features and functionalities of Rackwise DCiM X™ will allow for improved planning and operational efficiencies to avoid data center service interruptions.

Mike Hartgrave, systems engineer, Iowa Health System, commented “We see deploying Rackwise DCiM X as a critical longer term solution for sustaining our strategic and operational capabilities to deliver quality services and data throughout our network without interruption. As both our patient and provider populations grow and their needs expand, efficient and effective operation of our IT infrastructure is critical to achieving the best possible patient outcome for every patient every time. We’re excited about using this tool now and look forward to expanding utilization of the extensive array of product features and functions enabling overall IT infrastructure optimization and cost efficiencies as we plan and grow for the future.”

Guy A. Archbold, Rackwise, Inc. CEO, added, “We are extremely pleased to announce that as a consequence of the joint efforts of DataSpan and our sales and support team, Iowa Health System, one of this nation’s largest integrated health services providers, has selected our Rackwise DCiM X IT infrastructure management solution for our advanced DCiM capabilities as well as anticipated accelerated return on investment and shorter time to value than our competitors. This selection of Rackwise DCiM X as the data center infrastructure management solution of choice by IHS network again demonstrates our leadership in the data center infrastructure management market, enabling customers and users to assure reliability, discover hidden capacity, and enable efficiency in managing their global network of data centers and IT infrastructure. In the increasingly critical healthcare arena, we are highly gratified that our Rackwise offering will play a key role in IHS delivering quality services to a growing patient base across its expansive provider network.”