Emerson Network Power reports that  its ASCO Services business has earned the Emerson Perpetual Safety Award for excellence in safety in 2011.

The award recognizes the ASCO Services business for totaling more than 420,999 manhours with only three minor injuries reported, accounting for four days of missed work. Achieving excellence in safety is nothing new as the ASCO business received the award in 2009.

“The Emerson Perpetual Safety Award recognizes companies within Emerson for employee safety. Companies that earn this award tend to view safety as more than a priority, but a value, in every aspect of what their employees do to meet production numbers,” said Michael H. Langston, director, corporate safety and health for Emerson. “ASCO Services receiving this award is even more special because, unlike standard manufacturing environments that are typically consistent, the service industry employees face new and ever-changing working environments everyday. Achieving less than three recordable accidents in a year is very impressive.”

Shawn Burke, director of sales and service for Emerson Network Power’s ASCO Services, said, “Safety is our number one priority. We set the standard because we’re not only experts on the equipment we service, but are well aware of all the potential hazards in a facility and are up-to-date on safety regulations. Our service management team has been trained with safety leadership skills to develop a “want to“ type attitude rather than a “have to” one.  Making safety a core value of the company and not just an obligation has made a huge impact on the culture of our employees.”   

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) lists sobering statistics for technicians working in the construction field. In 2010, OSHA’s “fatal four” most common causes for workplace fatalities were, in order, falls, electrocutions, being struck by an object and getting caught in or between equipment and/or machinery. Electrocutions alone accounted more than 10 percent of workplace fatalities.

Emerson Network Power’s ASCO Services technicians provide regular maintenance on critical power systems, and critical thinking to enable the best solutions for current or potential power system issues. The team comprised of more than 100 ASCO Services technicians is a big part of the Emerson Network Power global service business and are able to offer a broad range of complementary services and provide a bundled, 24/7 service solution.

Emerson Network Power’s ASCO Services business employs some of the best technicians in the business, according to Burke. The company trains technicians annually in both classroom and hands-on settings and they also use product simulators, which provide a realistic work environment. Additionally, each technician undergoes rigorous training annually andmany have been certified by the Electrical Generating Systems Association (EGSA), a third-party certification agency. EGSA certification ensures that technicians are proficient in installation, service, repair and maintenance of on-site power systems.