Stig Nilsson, P.E., Exponent principal engineer, and Willis F. Long, University of Wisconsin Professor Emeritus, were honored as recipients of the Philip Sporn Award for their work in high-voltage electric systems.

Both Nilsson and Long accepted the awards at the CIGRÉ U.S. National Committee (USNC) Annual Meeting, held this year in San Diego, CA. The Philip Sporn award is the USNC’s highest award and was established in 1989 to recognize recipients for “Cumulative career contributions to the advancement of the concept of system integration in the theory, design and /or operation of large high-voltage electric systems in the United States.” Recipients must also be actively involved with CIGRÉ.

Bill Long has been at the University of Wisconsin—Madison since 1973 and is currently professor emeritus of principal research. His interests are in power electronic applications in electric utility systems. He is an IEEE Life Fellow and a 2004 recipient of the USNC’s Attwood Associate Award. He also received the CIGRÉ Technical Committee Award for his contributions to the work of Study Committee B4, HVDC and Power Electronics and the 2010 CIGRÉ Distinguished Member Award. Long was Secretary of Working Group 14.29 and wrote the report on Coordination of Controls for Multiple FACTS/HVDC Links in the Same System (Dec. 1999).

Stig Nilsson has more than 40 years’ experience as an electrical engineer involved with a wide variety of electrical engineering and management disciplines. At Exponent, he has consulted on the design, construction, operation, and maintenance of electrical facilities. He is an IEEE Life Fellow and has received numerous awards including; the CIGRÉ USNC’s Attwood Associate Award in 2003, the CIGRÉ Distinguished Member Award for active participation in CIGRÉ Study Committees and the USNC in 2006. He has presented several papers at CIGRÉ sessions, co-authored the final report by Working Group 34.03, and is a member of Study Committee B4, HVDC and Power Electronics.

The Attwood Associate Award was also given to the following individuals at this year’s general meeting:

• John J. Paserba

• Charles B. Rawlins

• Mietek T. Glinkowski

• Dr. Leon Kempner

 The Attwood Associate Award is given to an individual who has made notable contributions to CIGRE over an extended period of time.