Helping companies extend the power of load bank monitoring, ComRent has announced a new solution that helps companies reinforce their ability to meet LEED certification requirements. The ComRent Cx Monitor is designed to take dramatic steps to reinforce the company as the leading provider of load bank rentals and service.

The ComRent Cx Monitor helps stakeholder companies prove their sustainable designs and gain greater efficiencies through the first integrated monitor, specifically designed for data center commissioning. The solution streamlines data center generator and UPS equipment power quality monitoring and reporting by integrating three key test tools—transient capture, power quality and temperature and humidity data—into a single, easy-to-use device. In addition, the Cx Monitor represents a critical step in helping companies meet stringent LEED Certification using strategies aimed at achieving high performance. The new product captures all data the first time, logs harmonics, frequency, voltage current, THD, and power, and documents the step-load changes, with no sacrifices in memory. If a problem arises, a plethora of data is now available for full analysis using ComRent Cx Monitor.

“As an internationally recognized mark of excellence, LEED offers compelling proof that an organization has achieved its environmental goals and that their building is performing as designed,” said Clay Taylor, founder and chief executive officer, ComRent.

According to Bob Thomas, the architect of the Cx Monitor, “We designed a test system to help commissioning agents realize dramatic improvements in energy efficiency of electrical and mechanical systems. By offering an accurate, multi-faceted monitor designed to meet all the needs of a data center commissioning agent, our easy-to-use monitor documents all site conditions in a format that allows for faster report writing.”

LEED Certification is carried out by the Green Building Certification Institute (GBCI), an independent non-profit established in 2008. GBCI includes a network of ISO-compliant international certifying bodies that ensure the consistency and integrity of the LEED certification process. To achieve sustainable design, the needs of the present are met, without compromising the ability of future generations to secure their needs. Green
building investments typically have 26 percent less energy usage, lower maintenance costs, lower water costs, higher client and occupant satisfaction and lower CO2 emissions. The new Cx Monitor helps companies meet and exceed these goals by providing a single, easy-to-use power quality monitor that makes generating detailed reports fast and easy.

Thomas added, “For integrated project delivery, the Cx Monitor should be a top discussion item at any stakeholder meeting where commissioning specifications is a focus.”

Content for the reports is gathered from voltage and current data required for commissioning tests, as well as temperature and humidity data for up to 100 locations per monitor. All monitors are calibrated and tested at the factory prior to shipment ensuring data accuracy. Designed to be used in both traditional and wireless connectivity, Cx Monitor generates 95 percent of reports automatically after tests are completed, saving valuable analysis time in preparing the report. Free, open protocol software upgrades ensure the offering works on every laptop, regardless of location.

Continued Taylor, “At ComRent, load bank rentals and service for testing and commissioning mission-critical power generating equipment is not just a side business— it’s our only business. The Cx Monitor is a great solution for our customers—no other competitor can match it.”