Rare is the circumstance in which Bill Mazzetti can be described as a new figure in the industry. After all, he is pretty well known. In fact, when I last saw him at 7x24 Exchange he was heading over to a dinner to recognize Active Power’s Brad Walters.

Bill Mazzetti
Bill Mazzetti

I’m sure Bill turned Brad’s retirement dinner into a bit of a good-humored roast. But, after all, who does not want to be recognized by industry peers for their accomplishments?

So, it is with a good deal of happiness that I’m announcing that Bill has joined Mission Critical’s editorial board. This is not so much an accomplishment but recognition of all the help he has offered the magazine and me since Mission Critical’s founding in 2007. He is the newest figure in our distinguished group. I think he is also the most likely to stick me with a well-deserved barb, if we do anything he perceives as a disservice to our readers. Welcome aboard, Bill.

I’d also like to call attention to Doug Sandberg’s final “Mission Critical Care” column on p. 12. Doug’s column is a farewell to an industry he has served well for many years; in it he explains his decision.

Doug was one of the earliest supporters Mission Critical had, and I’m grateful for his efforts. More than that, we have become friends, and I will miss him at industry functions. He always had a smile and a joke. I know Doug wrestled with this decision for some time, and as a result, he probably won’t be the beneficiary of a well-deserved roast tribute at a large industry event.

douglas sandberg
Douglas Sandberg

I think very few of us ever receive the thanks we deserve for long service to an industry. After all, there is work to be done, and new faces to meet. That being the case, I’d like to use this editorial to say thanks to Doug on my behalf, and that of Mission Critical and its publisher, Peter Moran.