Tate has expanded its product offering for the data center market with SmartAire T, an in-floor damper that provides on-demand cooling in contained hot aisles. The product allows technicians to comfortably work on equipment in hot aisles for extended periods of time.mc0712-products-tate-300.jpg

By allowing cool plenum air to enter the hot aisle, the SmartAire T damper helps lower temperatures in the aisle to acceptable levels, allowing technicians to work as long as necessary to complete their tasks.

Before entering the hot aisle, a technician uses a supply trigger, typically a switch located outside the hot aisle, to activate the SmartAire T units. Cool air then enters the hot aisle until a comfortable user-defined, working temperature is met. SmartAire T units are designed to maintain this defined temperature until the technician completes the assigned work and deactivates the units, eliminating any need for rest periods and increasing productivity.