Rising energy costs and power demand, combined with mainstream adoption of renewable energy sources, are driving adoption of new power architectures, such as 400-V direct current (dc), that enable more efficient networks and businesses. Emerson Network Power,has leveraged its expertise and decades of experience in power protection and distribution to identify and analyze four applications poised to benefit from the emergence of 400-Vdc power distribution technology as a viable alternative to traditional power architectures.

“Recent advances in power conversion technologies, combined with rapidly increasing dc-based equipment growth, have created an environment where 400-Vdc power distribution should be—and is being—actively considered,” said Mark Murrill, director of 400-Vdc power initiatives for Emerson Network Power. “Global architecture standards required for widespread implementation of 400-VdcC are well under way, as demonstrated with the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) EN 300 132-3-1 standard released in February 2012. As more and more vendors support this standard, the adoption of 400V DC will begin to rapidly increase in various applications and further standards will be clarified and adopted.”

Emerson Network Power currently sees four primary applications for 400V DC technology: telecom central offices, data centers, commercial buildings, and transportation—each with its own drivers for adoption.