Schneider Electric has announced the launch of its new white paper app for Apple iOS (iPhone, iTouch, iPad) and Android-supported tablets and devices. The app will give users free, mobile access to Schneider Electric’s 150+ white paper library built from $90 million of research, the popularity of which garnered close to eight million downloads in 2011.  As the next step in the evolution of this expansive knowledge base, the app’s availability comes in conjunction with the release of one of Schneider Electric’s much-anticipated research papers on the newly emerging field of Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM).

The paper, titled “Avoiding Common Pitfalls of Evaluating and Implementing DCIM Solutions,” addresses how to prevent the loss of ROI when choosing, installing, and maintaining DCIM solutions—a technology which has been lauded among IT and data center professionals as the cornerstone to achieving optimal electrical and operational efficiencies, slashing energy costs and reducing time to execute data center changes and resolve problems. However, due to common mistakes made when choosing and implementing DCIM, many managers are under-realizing the value these solutions can deliver.

“To help create the most sustainable and reliable data centers, we invest heavily data center research to help guide our strategy and product development.  We make much of this research freely available through our white papers in order to help others understand the industry technologies and their challenges such as DCIM,” said Kevin Brown, Vice president, data center global offer, Schneider Electric.  “We’ve listened to our customers who have been asking for easier access to the white papers via tablets and other mobile devices.  We are excited to provide this capability via our new mobile application which enables convenient offline access to the entire library published by our Data Center Science Center.”

Leveraging advances in mobile technology, Schneider Electric hopes to empower customers, such as those using or thinking about DCIM solutions, to keep the latest knowledge at the forefront of their management strategies and equipping them to realize the highest ROI while achieving the lowest environmental impact possible. Additionally, Schneider Electric’s white paper library holds a wealth of educational material on other industry topics – such as studies around the debate of AC vs. DC power, the benefits of modular data centers, the effectiveness of the latest cooling technologies, applications of different data center designs, the latest research around physical and software infrastructure technologies, and more.