Cross River Fiber, a New Jersey-based boutique dark fiber optic and telecommunications solutions provider, announces its support of infrastructure and dark fiber solutions for Radio Frequency (RF) wireless communication technologies being deployed in New Jersey. Ultra-Low Latency RF networks often require transitions to a physical interconnection point typically on an outside structure such as rooftops and towers. These structures, if equipped with dark fiber, can support ultra-low latency connectivity into colocation and data center facilities. Cross River Fiber offers these solutions to RF wireless providers, enterprise financial users, and high frequency trading firms which require the shortest, most direct physical connection into key financial data centers in New Jersey.

Having alternatives to faster methods of data transport will enable high frequency traders to maintain a viable edge in support of their business demands.  The combination of ultra-low latency RF technologies and Cross River’s dark fiber network complement one another with redundancy and reliability that support the competitive nature of high speed trading. 

“By identifying innovative connectivity solutions, Cross River Fiber is able to deliver best-of-breed technology and communication solutions to companies that want secondary and tertiary connections that are as fast as their primary connections,” comments Vincenzo Clemente, CEO of Cross River Fiber. “Supporting the Ultra–Low Latency RF initiative in New Jersey is new for Cross River as we continue to develop unique solutions for our end users.  This often requires thinking outside of the box and using our niche expertise in design and construction to deploy physical layer network solutions.”