QTS (Quality Technology Services) has established a new Sustainability and Recoveries Group to focus on energy efficiency, recycling, responsible resource management, and strategic sourcing. The company has recycled more than 6 million pounds of industrial materials including copper, aluminum, steel, plastic and concrete in the past 18 months as development continues at its Atlanta, Jersey City, Richmond and Santa Clara data centers. 

The Sustainability and Recoveries Group is led by QTS veteran Mark Westhoff, who has assumed the role of vice president, sustainability and recoveries.  Joining the company as director of sustainability is Sukrit Sehgal, who has been a QTS consultant since his tenure as the company’s Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) Climate Corps fellow in the summer of 2011.  This year, QTS announced its commitment to another year of participation in the EDF Climate Corps, a summer fellowship program that places specially-trained MBA and MPA students in organizations to help drive energy efficiency.

“QTS has long been focused on maximizing power efficiency and reducing the company’s carbon footprint,” said Brian Johnston, chief technology officer, QTS.  “The establishment of our Sustainability and Recoveries Group shows how seriously we take our mandate to be good stewards. With this new structure in place, we now have the resources to focus on a wide range of sustainability issues beyond recycling, such as power efficiency, solar power improvements, and continued engagement with thought leaders and government policymakers interested in encouraging environmental responsibility.”