MovinCool has published its 2012 product catalog with complete, up-to-date features and specifications of its entire line of industrial spot air conditioners and accessories. The expanded, 20-page catalog, which has convenient tabbed section dividers, covers the MovinCool PC7, Classic, Classic Plus, and Office Pro Series of portable spot air conditioners, as well as the company’s latest CM-Series of ceiling-mount models. Customer testimonials are also included.mc0512-products-movincool-300.jpg

MovinCool’s portable spot air conditioners provide emergency, supplemental, and seasonal cooling and moisture removal for a wide variety of applications, including server and telecom rooms, data centers, offices, warehouses, assembly lines, manufacturing processes and outdoor events. In addition, MovinCool’s CM Series of compact, ceiling-mount spot air conditioners offers a cost-effective, permanent solution for applications where floor space is at a premium.