Release 7 sees a new product added to the 6SigmaDC suite —6SigmaRoomPlanner offers many of the basic functions of the 6SigmaRoom and 6SigmaRoomLITE applications, but without the analytical capability, making it a cost-effective, entry-level platform for undertaking space planning from a physical perspective, and where appropriate, including an inventory.mc0512-products-futurefacilities-300.jpg

In addition the Version Tree function has been enhanced in 6SigmaFM and 6SigmaET, as well as being added as new functionality to 6SigmaRoom. Release 7 sees the layout of the Version Tree further simplified, allowing variants of a model to be kept together in a single, clearly defined ‘tree’. This in turn gives the ability to fully track design/model development and to directly compare alternative project strategies on the different configurations. The release includes additional new and improved functions.