CyrusOne has broken ground on the 57-acre parcel of land it purchased in Chandler, AZ, last fall. The site will house a 1-million-sq-ft Massively Modular data center expected to deliver scale, power, efficiencies, and amenities never-before-seen in multi-tenant facilities market.

 “We are confident that CyrusOne's innovative design paired with the excellent operating environment the Phoenix market offers is an ideal combination for delivering the high-density, mission critical solutions we've become known for, at a scale unmatched by our competitors," said Kevin Timmons, chief technology officer, CyrusOne. “In total, we’re delivering a cost-competitive alternative for our California clientele looking to secure company data away from the earthquakes and other natural disasters experienced there.”

Planned for completion the first part of 2013, the data center is expected to become the largest of its kind in the country with 110 megawatts of power capacity, delivered from a substation to be built on the property. The company’s Massively Modular design delivers industry-leading energy optimization and just-in-time inventory to meet customer demand. The Massively Modular approach enables CyrusOne to commission large data center facilities in approximately 16 weeks, beating the deployment capabilities of the data center in a box solutions currently being marketed by competitors.

“We are differentiating ourselves in how we bring our products to market, and with the products themselves. In comparison to other facilities in Phoenix, the immense scale and modularity of CyrusOne’s facility delivers unmatched economic benefits to customers. Its location with respect to power and fiber infrastructure access ensures customer confidence, and the best-in-class office space keeps our customers comfortable while they work, including amenities such as an espresso bar,” said Timmons. “There’s nothing else like it in the industry.”

The groundbreaking comes on the heels of an industry peer review session the CyrusOne executive team hosted in late April. There were interactive sessions with the general contractor, architecture firm, and CyrusOne mechanical and electrical engineers engaged for the Chandler project, in an effort to further optimize the facility design plan.