AdaptivCOOL, a division of Degree Controls, Inc. has introduced Aisle Pressure Management (APM), which expands on its advanced data center airflow management solutions.

Building from AdaptivCOOL’s patented solutions in airflow management, APM is designed to enhance cold aisle containment effectiveness.

Current implementations of cold aisle containment are dependent on providing either excess cooling capacity to maintain aisle pressure or having a nearby CRAC available 24/7/365. Loss of either of these factors causes one or more contained aisles to become a contained vacuum, compromising server cooling far more rapidly than non-contained aisles.Through the use of a patent pending network of under-floor air movers, controllers, temperature and pressure sensors; APM is able to enhance cold aisle containment effectiveness.

“Through close collaboration with the CEETHERM laboratory at GA Tech and client sites; we are excited by the results in the next step of advanced data center airflow management. We feel that APM will be the perfect tool for many data center operators with cold contained aisles. Not only does it provide the correct pressure within the contained aisle, but also gives operators full visibility and management of the cooling supply. The market is already showing high demand for this solution and we are excited to introduce it to the world,” said Wally Phelps, director of engineering, AdaptivCOOL.