Power Distribution, Inc. (PDI) has signed an international licensing deal with UK-based Mardix. The new agreement will escalate the market penetration of PDI’s PowerWave Bus System into the UK, Europe, and the Middle East, to meet the expanding needs of critical power environments.

PDI formed a five-year relationship with Mardix, the UK's leading provider of switchgear, power distribution, power management and service solutions. Mardix Sales Director, Dean Bradshaw comments on the value this new partnership brings to his company, “This agreement will scale Mardix’s penetration into the overhead bus market and provide a strategic addition to our well-rounded product portfolio.”

The PowerWave Bus System is showing signs of quick market penetration with significant, key customer installations throughout Europe and the Middle East. PDI's Vice President of International Sales, Jose Luis Crespo, added, “The PowerWave Bus System is a robust solution to one of the key problems in a highly competitive market – IT space. Orders have been strong for the PDI system in the UK and Europe, particularly in the highly competitive financial sector in the UK. PDI has clearly differentiated itself in the overhead busway market with a best-in-class monitoring platform provided by the patented Branch Circuit Monitoring System.”