Milldam Public Affairs has announced that it is launching a Data Center Government Relations Practice to help data center owners and operators pursue economic incentives and work with municipal and state government officials.

Given the recent rapid growth of the data center industry, more and more owners and operators are seeking out tax incentives and other economic development opportunities nationally to gain a competitive advantage.  Additionally, many states and municipalities are offering various incentives for data centers to relocate.  Through its new offering, Milldam will act as a liaison between data center owners and public officials at the state and local level. 

Milldam’s founder, Adam Waitkunas, who has over ten years of experience in government relations and ran a statewide political action committee for five years, will oversee the new service.  Mr. Waitkunas has also been immersed in the data center space for over the last seven years and brings a unique perspective and strategy. 

The data center government relations practice will offer the following:

• Tactical strategy for dealing with government officials

• Assisting with tax credits and other economic development incentives

• Preparation and strategy for public meetings and meetings with public officials

• Help negotiating incentives for existing properties

 “As the data center industry gets more competitive, owners and operators need a seasoned advocate to help facilitate proper relations with state and local officials,” said Adam Waitkunas. “Milldam is well-positioned to leverage its many years of both data center and government relations experience to act as liaison for organizations looking to relocate or build new data center facilities.”