The Hoyt Organization is representing Server Farm Realty, which has recently completed principal construction of its latest data center in Moses Lake, WA.

Aptly named TiTAN, the 136,000-sq-ft, reinforced concrete building is a former Missile Control Facility that was created as a first line of defense during the Cold War. With a shell composed of 36 million pounds of lead and concrete, the building was originally designed to withstand a nuclear blast. Many of the same features also make it a highly protected, secure datacenter, capable of withstanding fire and natural disasters, while providing efficient power and close proximity to nearby technology companies.

TiTAN’s energy efficiency is comparable to the “best practice techniques” outlined in Facebook’s widely-reported Open Compute Project. TiTAN offers a 1.2 PUE and features the G9000 Toshiba UPS system with the latest IGBTs, which produces 97-percent efficiency without using a “stand-by” mode.Principal construction is complete and SFR is working on leases to data center customers in the Northwest and throughout the United States.