The Open Data Center Alliance (ODCA) has announced the availability of five new usage models focused on security and infrastructure, and an overview document on identity management in the cloud. These user-driven requirements are based on the most pressing cloud computing challenges faced by Alliance member organizations. The Alliance also announced the first sponsors of Open Data Center Alliance Forecast 2012, an event designed for IT leaders to harness the latest developments on solution delivery for the expected 2012 ramp in cloud solution deployments. Held on June 12 in conjunction with the 10th International Cloud Expo in New York City, ODCA Forecast 2012 will bring together hundreds of members of the Alliance, industry experts and leading technology companies to showcase how ODCA usage model adoption can accelerate ROI for businesses deploying cloud solutions and services.

The new usage models build on the Alliance’s vision, originally unveiled in 2011, to define IT requirements for open, interoperable Cloud Computing solutions. The Alliance set forth a plan to better manage security and infrastructure across cloud computing while identifying the specific innovations and standards required for widespread adoption of cloud services. By adopting these innovations, there could be a reduction of $25 billion in annual IT costs within five years, as well as more than $50 billion in cloud services investment. To make this a reality, members are beginning proof of concept (POC) testing of solutions based on Alliance requirements this year with many of these POCs and results featured at ODCA Forecast 2012.

“The Open Data Center Alliance was formed to help our members deploy cloud with the most innovative technologies addressing the most urgent requirements for enterprise IT,” said Curt Aubley, vice president and CTO Global NexGen Cyber Innovation & Technology, Lockheed Martin Information Systems and Global Services and president, Open Data Center Alliance, who will be a keynote speaker at ODCA Forecast 2012. “These five usage models, underscoring the significance of security and infrastructure capabilities in the cloud, help us blaze a path toward widespread cloud adoption based on open, industry standard solutions.”

Four of the usage models and an overview document target security, a leading concern for cloud adoption.  The security usage models will drive interoperability between identity management and access management systems that will allow users to utilize resources in the cloud as if they were located within the organization.  The fifth usage model focuses on long distance virtual machine migration which provides information about enterprises’ expectations for availability, scalability and extendibility of their data via seamless data migration. To view these new releases, please download them at

Additionally, the Alliance has announced initial ODCA Forecast 2012 sponsors across multiple categories and levels. ODCA Forecast 2012 will feature multiple tracks with presentations and panels from ODCA members and industry experts focused on the latest best practices from leading providers and implementers of cloud solutions. Attendees of ODCA Forecast 2012 can expect to:

• Engage with ODCA leaders on their personal successes with POC testing and determine how adoption of usage models will translate to corporate ROI.

• Network with industry leaders as they showcase their latest solutions meeting ODCA’s requirements and begin discussions on cloud solution selections.

• Learn about ODCA’s Performance Engine Assistant Tool and integrate ODCA usage model requirements into 2012 cloud solution RFPs.

• Hear from executives and architects with some of the largest IT shops in the world through best practice sharing sessions and integration.

 All attendees will also receive a complimentary pass to International Cloud Expo as part of their ODCA Forecast 2012 registration. Early bird registration discounts for ODCA Forecast 2012 have been extended to April 30 to accommodate for late-breaking schedule updates. The initial sponsors announced today are: Intel, Red Hat, Citrix, the Distributed Management Task Force (DMTF), the Open Compute Project, the Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards (OASIS), the Green Grid, Tabor Communications and CloudTimes.

For more information on the Alliance and the new usage models, or to register for ODCA Forecast 2012, visit