KC NAP, LLC and the CTC Holly Data Center have unveiled a special price for companies wanting to establish a disaster recovery solution on a tight budget. This last year has brought unpredictable weather, earthquakes, fires, floods, and power disruptions on both coasts, and companies need mission-critical failover, but the problem is the cost. A full cabinet at a premium data center is often $1,200 a month or more and that's just for starters, when bandwidth, power and cross connects are added, companies often see $2,500 colocation bills.

Smaller servers can handle the loads for brief periods and therefore require less space and power. Now for only $250 a month companies can establish a DR facility in the center of the country in one of the lowest risk heat map zones there is. The one price covers everything: Dedicated 10 Mbs of multi-carrier bandwidth, peering with KC NAP, 5A of power and a 14 U Chatsworth lockable 1/3rd cabinet. They even include smart hands service in a very reasonable set-up charge.

The offer allows users to backup databases, or replicate the Web, mail, or sharepoint server and have the peace of mind of no transfer limits and no extra charges, and with free cross connects. The Holly Street location is the perfect lights out facility that lets you go lights out yourself and get good night's sleep, assured that your critical processes and services will live on. Visit The Holly Data Center for more information.