A new white paper from Schneider Electric demonstrates how economizer- based cooling modules use half the energy of traditional methods but provides greater results.

Today’s data center managers are facing increased financial and regulatory pressure to improve the efficiency of their data centers.  At the same time, the IT environment is becoming more dynamic making a flexible, more predictable physical infrastructure a necessity. Traditional cooling approaches are inadequate to address these challenges. 

When a cooling plant operates in economizer mode, high energy-consuming mechanical systems can be turned off.  A standardized, modular cooling plant designed to operate primarily in economizer mode not only reduces costs but also improves predictability and flexibility.  Schneider Electric’s new white paper shows an original approach to data center cooling that uses approximately half the energy of traditional methods, and provides greater scalability, availability, and ease of maintenance.

The new White Paper 136 titled, “High efficiency Economizer based cooling modules for large data centers,” details how the biggest opportunity for energy savings comes from the cooling plant, which, in some data centers consumes more energy than the IT load. One way of reducing cooling plant energy is to operate in economizer mode whenever possible, high-energy-consuming mechanical cooling systems including compressors and chillers are turned off, using outdoor air cools the data center.

This white paper is designed provides a unique insight into operating cooling modules in economizer mode in a manner that doesn’t compromise on efficiency or availability.

White Paper 136 ‘High efficiency Economizer based cooling modules for large data centers’ is available for download from http://www.apcmedia.com/salestools/WTOL-8DNR9U_R0_EN.pdf.