Rittal Corporation has introduced its Computer Multi Control (CMC) III designed for monitoring dozens of critical IT component and environmental functions both on installed units and from remote locations. The new CMC III represents a significant advance in the Rittal System approach and its monitoring technology. Furthering the capabilities of its predecessor, the CMC III can monitor up to 32 sensors. Fitted with CAN-Bus technology, a series of sensors can be linked, one to another, and monitored via the base unit.mc0312-prod-rittal-300.jpg

Another advantage of the CMC III is its POE (Power Over Ethernet) capability. The units can be plugged into available Ethernet ports and do not require additional power packs or accompanying cables. To make the CMC III even more versatile and attractive to the data center environment, there will be a CMC III Compact Unit—this version will feature the built-in temperature and access sensors and will handle up to four remote sensors.