C&D Technologies, Inc. announced that the TEL12-145FW product, a valve-regulated lead acid (VRLA) battery is now available to meet customer requirements. The TEL12-145FW is a product that supports the specifications of wireless operators, wireless infrastructure, and wireline carriers as well as original equipment manufacturers for backup of Telecom battery applications. The TEL12-145FW features true front terminal access to support ease of installation as well as ease of maintenance by the provider.mc0312-prod-technologies-300.jpg

The product size permits 145 amp-hour performance to 1.75 Vdc at a 77°F nominal rating which meets the requirements of most float service telecom applications. C&D’s TEL12-145FW provides a 10-year float life while meeting UL94-VO flame retardancy, UL (vent) and non-spillable industry specifications.