Geist’s Racknet provides a single point of access for monitoring multiple aspects of a data center infrastructure, including temperature, humidity, power, and more. With the ability to auto-discover SNMP devices, Racknet decreases set-up time by auto-populating monitored devices. Racknet’s intuitive interface allows for easy drag-and-drop configurations that let users customize their system by inserting their own floor plans and logos. And as a vendor-neutral product, Racknet integrates easily with most hardware to give users a comprehensive view of their facility and white space.mc0312-prod-geist-300.jpg

Racknet also includes toolsets that promote proactive monitoring such as aggregated data views, alarm thresholds and notifications, chart builders, and custom reporting. In addition, Racknet allows users to insert customizable calculations from monitored points such as PUE, DCIE, key performance indicators, and more.