APC by Schneider Electric has upgraded its MGE EPS8000 uninterrupted power supply (UPS) product family with the release of its Integrated Parallel feature and updated 12-in. graphical display. Parallel for capacity or redundancy, the MGE EPS8000 Integrated Parallel allows customers to easily configure up to 3+1 UPS modules without a centralized static switch cabinet (SSC), enabling a higher level of availability than single module systems. And with a smaller footprint than traditional SSC-based designs and an online efficiency of up to 94 percent at full load, the Integrated Parallel feature offers an ideal, low-CapEx solution for growing enterprises.mc0312-prod-schneider-300.jpg

Designed for ease of expandability, each MGE EPS8000 Integrated Parallel module comes equipped with local paralleling boards that communicate with each other to create a completely synchronized output voltage. UPS controls reside in each MGE EPS8000 Integrated Parallel module, rather than in a centralized location or switch gear. When one module is removed from the parallel bus for service or an internal failure, this unique feature enables the remaining UPS modules to immediately accept the load of the failed UPS module. By enabling one module to be removed without requiring the critical load to be connected to straight utility, this feature mitigates system downtime and improves efficiency.