International Coatings has released a electrostatic dissipative polyurethane floor coating. ICO Ure Guard ESD was designed for use where the buildup of electric charge on the floor can be a safety hazard or injurious to the product like electronic plants, hospital operating rooms, solar cell producers, CD manufacturers, data centers, advanced battery plants, etc. This floor-coating system features a newer technology of conductive microscopic particles dispersed uniformly throughout the coating to carry electrical charges away from the surface.mc0312-prod-internationalcoatings-300.jpg

Unlike conventional carbon fiber-filled ESD coatings, this technology yields a very consistent conductivity reading of one million to one billion ohms. ICO Ure Guard ESD is a two-part, water-based aliphatic polyurethane coating normally applied between 10 and 12 mils wet. The finished coating dries to a semi-gloss finish with excellent UV resistance and color stability. With zero VOCs, it has very little odor while being applied and comes in light gray, dark gray, red, off white, and beige in pre-measured 4-gal kits.