Siemon has added a cable tray rack to its line of data center cable management solutions. Designed to mount directly to overhead ladder rack or cable tray, Siemon’s cable tray rack delivers 4U of easily installed and accessible 19-in. rack mount space above cabinets and racks without consuming additional floor or cabinet space, making it ideal for use within Zone Distribution Areas (ZDAs) or Equipment Distribution Areas (EDAs) in data centers. Used with copper patch panels or fiber enclosures, the cable tray rack can increase cabling density without sacrificing orderly cable management.mc0312-prod-siemon-300.jpg

By moving patching fields out of the cabinet itself and into easily accessed overhead spaces, ongoing moves, additions, and changes are simplified. This flexibility can also help speed the deployment of new data center equipment, allowing pre-cabled connectivity to be installed in overhead spaces and simply connected via patch cords as new cabinets and/or equipment is added.

Siemon cable tray rack’s overhead configuration can also improve data center thermal efficiency and airflow by minimizing obstruction of equipment cooling features due to cabling congestion within the cabinet. The new product’s unique design allows it to be easily attached to all common overhead cable tray and ladder rack systems, including Siemon’s RouteIT system, and can be can be mounted below, flush, or above cable tray in both parallel and perpendicular configurations.