Wired Real Estate Group Inc.(“WiredRE”) recently completed advisory work for the Massachusetts Green High Performance Computing Center (MGHPCC), a five-university partnership of MIT, Northeastern University, Boston University, University of Massachusetts, and Harvard University. The development will include a 93,000-sq-ft Massachusetts data center with 15 MW of utility service.

The development has several unique commercial and technical features, including federal incentives, state contributions, and industry funding from Cisco and EMC. WiredRE are involved in several projects that will receive incentives, including the Vineyard Data Center Park, in Colorado Springs, that has an estimated $100 million in both municipal and federal incentives, including New Market Tax Credits from the federal government. 

Technically, the facility implements high-efficiency systems, varied redundancy, and state-of-the art power distribution and cooling.  The building will be LEED certified, and partial UPS coverage will allow the consortium to conserve capital and critical power for only those applications that require the highest level of availability.

"We needed reliable data center research, and we needed it quickly.” commented Jim Culbert, project manager. “WiredRE were able to meet our tight timelines and provide critical data that wasn’t available from traditional advisory firms.”

"Data centers are highly specialized, long-term, fixed assets with more similarities to power plants than traditional real estate.  This project was a great opportunity for us to showcase our research and singular focus on data centers.” commented Everett Thompson, CEO. “With dedicated research staff, and growing market share, we are very excited about 2012.”