Emerson Network Powerhas announced that Frank Bibens will oversee the unification of its service organizations. This evolution will bring customers the reliability and efficiency benefits of one service provider focusing on the breadth of critical systems and their interrelations. Customers will also benefit from broader expertise and capabilities, greater consistency and simpler contact.

Emerson Network Power Systems is committed to delivering on the highest level of service standards for our customers and as data centers and networks converge, this means looking at critical systems more holistically,” said Bibens. “This unification of service groups is meant to be an evolution, mirroring customer needs and the way they want to interact with their service organization.”  

For Emerson Network Power’s many customers with data centers, networks, and other critical spaces all over the world, this is a move toward delivering consistency of service, reports and assessments across all critical spaces. It is also a move toward uniformly offering Emerson Network Power’s breadth of services throughout the world, services that span the entire critical energy chain, from grid to chip.

Bibens will lead the more than 2,800 local field engineers in 260+ locations. Local engineers serve more than 35,000 clients in 70 countries with services that support a facility through its entire lifecycle. Technical and professional services include project management, design, start-up and commissioning; preventive and emergency maintenance; performance optimization services, like assessments and remote monitoring; consultations on issues, including ensuring safety and complying with regulatory standards.

 Critical environments supported include: data centers, industrial facilities, telecommunications networks, and health care facilities.