The Open Data Center Alliance (ODCA) has announced leading speakers, panel moderators, and targeted sessions for its upcoming ODCA Forecast 2012 event. The presenters and moderators represent leaders in shaping today’s conversations on cloud computing supporting an agenda focused on broad adoption of open cloud solutions. Forecast 2012 will feature leading enterprise IT executives discussing their progress in adopting cloud solutions based on the requirements defined by the ODCA and offers an opportunity for IT managers and industry leaders to engage with leaders of the organization. The event will take place on Tuesday, June 12, 2012 co-located with Cloud Expo in New York City. Registrants to the event have been granted access to attend Cloud Expo with their Forecast 2012 badge, a discount from Cloud Expo event pricing. Attendees will also receive access to exclusive IDC whitepapers.

The event will feature three focused topic tracks:

• Cloud Storm: Top Challenges Facing Widespread Deployments

• Cloud Ceiling: Sharing Best Practices from Leading Innovators

• Cloud Formation: Delivery of Open Cloud Solutions

Tracks will be kicked off by leading enterprise IT, service provider, and computing industry visionaries for cloud computing:

• Cloud Storm: Andrew Stokes, chief infrastructure architect at Deutsche Bank

• Cloud Ceiling: Petteri Uljas, head of Infrastructure Services, India, Eastern Europe and Latin America at CapGemini and CEO of Capgemini Finland

• Cloud Formation: Jason Waxman, general manager, Cloud Infrastructure Group (CIG) at Intel

The event will feature a series of “rapid fire” panels to drive best audience engagement and will feature moderators including:

• Virginia Agee, research director, infrastructure channels and Infrastructure for IDC Enterprise Platform Group (EPG)]

• Michelle Bailey, research vice president for IDC Enterprise Platforms and Datacenter Trends

• Ben Kepes, director, Diversity Analysis at Focus Research, a leading authority across cloud computing topics.

• Christopher Hoff, chief architect, Security at Juniper Networks, and leading social commentator on the cloud

• George Reese, founder and CTO, enStratus and author of Cloud Application Architectures.

• Deborah Salons, attorney and CIPP, leading expert on global challenges facing regulation of the cloud

• Krishnan Subramanian, analyst and researcher at Cloud Ave and expert on open source and the cloud

 For more information on the moderators, as well as the track speakers, visit the Forecast 2012 Speakers page

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