A major California-based Fortune 500 semiconductor company has leased space at Server Farm Realty's new data center located in Santa Clara—the area’s first data center to combine state-of-the-art fire and seismic protection systems.

“Our clients understand the importance and value of our building design which is focused on safeguarding the customers’ data, particularly in this earthquake-prone region,” said Avner Papouchado, president and chief executive officer of Server Farm Realty. “The building is designed to the same seismic standards as hospitals, fire and police stations and uses fire suppression techniques that set a new standard in Silicon Valley. Because these elements are critical for organizations that must remain operational in a disaster, experienced and knowledgeable clients choose Server Farm Realty.”

Server Farm Realty is the first to combine VESDA Smoke Detection and the Hi-Fog Fire Suppression System. Hi-Fog is a state-of-the-art fire water misting system that extinguishes fires without extensive water damage. In addition to the Hi-Fog system, Server Farm has placed all critical infrastructure components in separate fire tolerant rooms - so rooms are not single points of failure - a first in the market.   

The LEED Silver data center features a 1.5 seismic factor, N+1, concurrently maintainable design with a PUE of 1.23, direct/indirect evaporative cooling and airside economization. By using evaporative cooling and high efficiency electrical systems, the facility offers the most cost-effective pricing in Silicon Valley while being the most environmentally friendly. 

“Evaporative cooling systems use significantly less energy than traditional compressor based air conditioning,” said Bob Glavan, SFR’s vice president of operations. “Our cooling design utilizes airside economization, which supplies free cooling 88 percent of the year.” The cooling system is fed by redundant city water supplies, one of which is Santa Clara City grey/recycled water.

Server Farm Realty provides complete flexibility in lease options from shell to rack-ready leases and anything in between. This allows its customers to match their needs with their capital budgets. The company currently has three projects under development which represent 160MW of capacity and is capable of building custom solutions on an as-needed basis. SFR has appointed CBRE Chad Freese and Aaron Kulick to serve as the exclusive marketing agents for the site.