A data center industry index, the result of a survey by NxGen Modular (www.nxgenmodular.com), reveals that cost savings and scalability are prompting more data center owners and C-suite technology executives to consider modular data center solutions. 

The first “Mission Critical Annual Index” indicates that 85 percent of participants would consider a modular solution in building their next data center, with most of that group (just over 75 percent) citing cost and flexibility as key drivers in that decision.

“Compared to containers and traditional construction, the scalability and low cost structure of modular make it the latest evolution in enterprise-class data centers,” said Liz Fetter, NxGen Modular president and CEO. “This survey is part of our effort to understand industry opinion and better inform forward-thinking IT executives about modular’s ability to bring reliable data center capacity online quickly and in alignment with changing demand.”

Fetter points out that modular data centers are not only scalable and unlimited in their size, they are ASHRAE compliant and portray enterprise-class data centers in almost every way. Other findings include:

• 65 percent anticipate their data center needs increasing over  the next two years;

• 100 percent of respondents listed scalability as a key need in their long-term data center needs; and

• 95 percent would consider a modular data center if it would be installed faster and less expensively. 

The index also found lingering industry confusion over the difference between containerized and modular data centers. Though four out of five participants knew the difference, half admitted that containers are still the first thing that comes to mind when they think of a modular data center.

In response to that ongoing phenomenon, NxGen recently authored a white paper, titled “The Optimum Data Center: How Modular Data Centers Transcend Containers,” which addresses differences between containerized and modular data centers. It’s available for download at http://nxgenmodular.com/resources/.