Server Technology, experts in producing the industry’s most reliable rack mount power distribution units and power monitoring solutions, announced today that the company has been selected by the U.S .Department of Defense (DOD) Joint Interoperability Test Command (JITC) to provide data center power distribution units (PDUs) and power monitoring and management software for JITC’s Washington Operations Division lab testing facilities in Indian Head, MD. JITC is an independent evaluator of information systems deployed within the DOD, responsible for interoperability testing of network devices that will be connected to the Global Information Grid. Server Technology’s power monitoring and management solution, Sentry Power Manager (SPM) records power usage information on all JITC-tested products from the Server Technology PDUs and JITC uses that data to chargeback power expense to the individual companies that are having their products tested.  

 “We’re very pleased that JITC has chosen our data center power distribution and management software products for the DOD’s lab testing facilities. JITC needed solid power distribution and control, along with the granular energy usage information needed to bill their internal customers for all of the costs associated with running their tests over extended periods of time. It certainly speaks well to our strengths. The Sentry family of hardware and software products is known for their reliability, performance under a wide range of stressed conditions and sheer accuracy of our PDU power monitoring. That’s what we do.” said Brandon Ewing, president of Server Technology.

Server Technology is the first power distribution company to provide intelligent PDU solutions to the US Department of Defense JITC. JITC’s testing process is used to test various types of IT equipment which is intended to be connected to the DOD infrastructure and ensures secure operation and other unique functionalities required for national security.