Leading Edge Design Group has announced today that Tech Vault, Inc. has achieved LEED Silver certification through the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) program, a voluntary rating system for energy efficient buildings overseen by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC). Tech Vault, Inc. is a provider of collocation, hosting, and managed services and is proud to be Vermont's first commercial-grade, LEED certified data center. Leading Edge Design Group designed Tech Vault’s data center and led the LEED certification strategy and execution.

“Our partnership with Leading Edge Design Group was critical to our business and certification success,” said Steve Loyer, president, Tech Vault. “Renovating an existing facility, Vermont’s cooler climate, generous utility incentives and attaining LEED certification were key factors in our design and implementation and we simply could not have done it without the great team of professionals at Leading Edge Design Group.”

The Tech Vault data center is now considered to be the most efficient data center in New England and features a 4,000-sq-ft server area and a separate 2,500-sq-ft area to house mechanical and electrical equipment. By taking advantage of Vermont’s Champlain Valley climate, Tech Vault uses water-side economization to cool the facility and innovative in-row cooling and heat recovery technologies providing customers unlimited power and cooling capabilities. In addition, real-time monitoring has been installed to track Power User Effectiveness (PuE) and to continuously benchmark their energy efficiency. Tech Vault customers include the regions data-intensive, industry-leading healthcare providers, educational institutions and software companies.

“The Tech Vault data center is a remarkable example of how an owner can successfully integrate sustainability and energy efficiency into their data center without compromising the reliability or agility of their operations,” says Todd Boucher, Principal at Leading Edge Design Group. “Our organization is so proud to have played an integral role in bringing the vision for this unique facility to life and give a tremendous amount of credit to the Tech Vault team for their unwavering commitment to energy efficiency throughout this project.  We believe firmly that this ongoing commitment and the sustainable, efficient nature of the design establishes the Tech Vault facility as the most energy efficient data center in the region.” 

Leading Edge Design Group worked closely with Efficiency Vermont to secure $100,000 of energy efficiency incentives for the $1.95 million project.