Due to the holiday season and other business imperatives, regular readers ofMission Critical go an extended period of time without seeing their favorite data center magazine at this time of year. Consider that our November/December 2011 issue mailed in early December, and it must be late February if you are reading this January/February issue in print.

Of course, visitors to our website know that we haven’t exactly been resting on our laurels. They knew about some important developments, including two webinars we held earlier this month and a third scheduled for February 29th.

The first, on February 7, included Syska Hennessy’s Vali Sorell and Intel’s John Musilli discussing best practices in data center cooling. AdaptivCool, Upsite, and Stulz sponsored the event. Cummins sponsored an event we held on February 21. The speakers were RTKL’s Rajan Battish and Dave Mueller of Enernex. Power Assure is hosting that final event. And by the time you read this, I hope to have announced speakers for a backup power discussion on April 10th.

Mission Critical also launched a new expanded blog section. Eight exciting new bloggers will be adding their thoughts to Schneider’s Domenic Alcaro, NAAT’s Julius Neudorfer, and JLL’s Michael Siteman. Some of these new bloggers are familiar to regular readers of Mission Critical or attendees at industry conferences. Best of all, this area will be open for your comments, and Mission Criticalwill be open to new blogging contributors. Just email me at heslink@bnpmedia.com.

Of course, web visitors don’t get all the treats first. This issue includes our first presentation of Kip and Gary (see page 69), Diane Alber’s hilarious cartoon look at data centers. Diane’s Kip and Gary series is growing in popularity in the industry, perhaps because of the gentle and accurate way she sees the data center industry. I hope you enjoy Kip and Gary. We’ll have another installment in the next issue and occasional web-only presentations, too.

I hope to be able to tell you more about Diane in a future issue and also to bring some other exciting new projects to our pages and web site.