The ASCO 7000 Series generator paralleling control switch gear is designed to be the world’s most intelligent and advanced multiple-engine power control system. It can be custom engineered to meet the specific requirements of any project in a wide range of emergency power applications, from industrial/commercial to large health-care and business-critical facilities. Switch Gear

The 7000 Series system is based on state-of-the-art digital control technology to synchronize, manage, and parallel engine-generator sets. It provides sophisticated engine control, load management, and communications capabilities, including unsurpassed power system monitoring and protection. Features include 115 to 600 V, three-phase, four-wire, 100 percent neutral, 25 percent copper ground bus, 50/60 Hz, AC system; UL 1558 construction, listing and labeling; and master control via a 12-in. color touch screen operator interface panel.