AXI (Algae-X International) has released the latest addition to its line of standard Mobile Tank Cleaning Systems, the HC-80, a high capacity, multi-stage, automated fuel tank cleaning system equipped with a smart filtration controller. This new system stabilizes and decontaminates diesel fuel, bio-diesel, light oils, and hydraulic fluids while restoring fuel to a “clear and bright” condition.  Tank Cleaning from AXI

The HC-80 is ideal for service providers in the tank cleaning industry. With changes in fuel production and the growing implementation of bio-fuels, the need for fuel maintenance, including periodic tank cleaning, has increased dramatically. The MTC HC-80 system efficiently cleans tanks, removes water and sludge and restores optimal fuel quality. The system is equipped with a fully automated controller that provides an instant visual status report of system power, pump operation, and alarms for high pressure, high vacuum, and high water levels. AXI’s Mobile Tank Cleaning (MTC) systems excel in combining high capacity fuel optimization, filtration, and water separation with low operating costs and a compact design to provide optimal fuel quality for reliable, peak engine performance.