Eagle Eye’s IBwatch-Series is designed to monitor and analyze the aging status of critical battery backup systems in real-time by measuring and recording string: voltage and current; and jar/cell: voltage, internal resistance, connection resistance, and temperature. IBwatch solutions are equipped with battery management software that allows all battery systems to be monitored 24 hours a day, 365 days a year via a remote computer(s). The included Eagle Eye Centroid Software offers the most comprehensive battery diagnosis and reporting capabilities to ensure the integrity of critical battery backup.Battery Monitoring

With flexible expanding solutions, the IBwatch series can monitor all systems in real time. All IBwatch battery systems utilize patented technology to identify and alarm the user of early signs of battery deterioration to ensure the integrity of your critical back-up batteries. In the event of voltage sag, power failure or an alarm, the event is transmitted to the administrator immediately. The IBwatch-Series meets all IEEE standard recommendations for battery monitoring.