Power Assure, Inc. has released an integrated data center power monitoring and analytics solution designed to dramatically improve uptime and reliability for more energy-efficient data centers. The solution leverages Power Assure’s secure cloud-based EM/4 Energy Management software and Raritan's intelligent power monitoring products. Unlike alternative approaches that are more expensive and less reliable, the integrated solution provides accurate, real-time information on infrastructure performance, so that customers can manage their data centers more efficiently and reduce costs.

A growing number of organizations are grappling with increased power demands in the face of constrained capacity because most data centers were designed for high performance and high availability, with little or no attention paid to power. To address this reality, Power Assure and Raritan are offering an integrated solution that captures detailed, real-time data on power usage and temperature and turns it into useful information that data center managers can analyze for better decision making. This is the only cloud-based Data Center Energy Management solution allowing management across multiple data centers.

Power Assure’s secure cloud-based EM/4 Energy Management software collects power usage and temperature data from Raritan’s branch circuit monitoring product and Raritan’s intelligent rack power distribution units including switched, non-switched and metered PDUs and inline meters. An Ethernet connection passes power data via SNMP to Power Assure. Power Assure energy management solutions analyze that data helping data center managers use power resources more efficiently, improve uptime and reliability, reduce capital expenditures and save on operating expenses, and provide accurate PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness) metrics and drive green data center initiatives.

Raritan has some of the only outlet level control PDUs on the market,” said Brad Wurtz, president and CEO, Power Assure. “Raritan’s intelligent power strip delivers the accuracy needed for data center intelligence and seamlessly allows Power Assure’s EM/4 to take action down to the outlet level for emergency procedure automation and demand-response controls. Together we can provide customers with a simpler, more reliable and effective way to manage their power usage in the data center.”  

“Power Assure’s energy management software lets our joint customers achieve high value from the data collected from Raritan’s DCIM and energy monitoring products,” said Gary Marks, senior vice president, global sales and marketing at Raritan.  “We are pleased to deliver an integrated solution to help customers better manage its data centers by accessing and analyzing meaningful power and temperature data.”