Information Builders and Verdiem have announced a partnership to use BI and analytics to better manage energy consumption and optimize related cost savings. Under the agreement, Verdiem is integrating WebFOCUS, Information Builders' comprehensive BI solution, into its new Surveyor 6 platform, enabling centralized power management beyond the traditional PC and Mac platforms to distributed IT devices.

The Verdiem solution collects detailed device utilization and energy consumption data. Using this data, customers develop power management policies that achieve 30 to 50 percent energy and cost savings with ROI in five to eight months. In larger enterprises, the data collection scale and frequency introduces data management, reporting and analytical complexity and challenges. By partnering with Information Builders, Verdiem has made the data more accessible to users. Drawing on WebFOCUS' advanced and reporting capabilities, Surveyor 6 enables Verdiem's customers to optimize their energy consumption and make more informed decisions about reducing IT operating costs.

Surveyor 6 features an interactive, intuitive dashboard that measures key industry metrics like energy consumption, energy cost savings, and carbon dioxide emission reductions. Users can display the data in an at-a-glance dashboard or drill down for deeper analysis. WebFOCUS' browser-based platform enables self-service access to these reports, and the data can also be shared with broader audiences via a web portal. With this information, IT decision-makers are armed with analytical capabilities to further identify ways to reduce their organization's energy consumption. As the variety of IT devices Verdiem supports expands, WebFOCUS is able to quickly scale, ensuring optimal performance for Surveyor 6 regardless of the number of devices monitored.

"Analytics and streamlined reporting are critical components of successful IT energy management solutions," said John Scumniotales, president and CEO of Verdiem. "As a result of Verdiem's partnership with Information Builders, we're the first vendor in our market to integrate a BI tool into its solution. This gives our customers a critical advantage not only by enabling them to better manage their energy consumption, but also by arming them with the insights needed to discover additional cost-saving opportunities."

"With the launch of Surveyor 6, Verdiem is responding to an industry need and allowing organizations to measure energy saving across their entire device fleet," said Gerald Cohen, president and CEO of Information Builders. "With this increase in devices comes an increase in data and, by working with Information Builders, Verdiem is ensuring that this information is accurately tracked and readily accessible, providing significant value across the organization."