CoreSite Realty Corporationhas announced that its Los Angeles data centers are new AWS Direct Connect service locations. With AWS Direct Connect, CoreSite customers have direct access to AWS cloud services over a private network connection. Benefits include reduced network costs, increased throughput, and more consistent network performance. CoreSite is the second U.S. data center provider to offer AWS Direct Connect with the service available to prospective customers starting today. CoreSite customers can access AWS Direct Connect via a standard, single-mode 1 Gbps or 10 Gbps Ethernet cross-connection or Any2 Internet exchange connection, ordered via the company’s MyCoreSite online customer portal. Additional benefits include additive security features for digital content while in transport from AWS to the customer’s data center or corporate network, reduced bandwidth costs, increased bandwidth capacity, and a more consistent network experience.

“CoreSite is pleased to be the first data center provider in Los Angeles to provide direct, on-site access to one of the world’s largest cloud offerings in Amazon Web Services,” commented Chris Bair, senior vice president of sales at CoreSite. “CoreSite’s cloud computing data center ecosystems continue to demonstrate strong growth and increased value to our customer base, with access to cloud offerings of all sizes a simple crossconnect away.”

“We are pleased that CoreSite customers in the Los Angeles area can now choose to have direct network connectivity to AWS,” said Terry Wise, director of business development for AWS. “These customers can now take advantage of this service to easily expand or move existing applications to the cloud.”

For more information on AWS Direct Connect accessible at CoreSite’s Los Angeles data centers, please visit